Stake (zBOOFI)

Stake BOOFI, get zBOOFI.

Compounding Growth

It's simple. When you stake BOOFI, you get zBOOFI in return. The value of zBOOFI is always increasing against BOOFI. zBOOFI is the ticket into the most powerful aspects of Boo Finance! Since Vampire Farms provide rewards in zBOOFI, your rewards' value is always growing.

Dynamic Withdrawal Fee

To discourage "farm and dump" practices that plague so much of DeFi, we have implemented a Dynamic Withdrawal Fee. When unstaking from zBOOFI => BOOFI, Ghosts must pay an ever-changing fee. This Dynamic Withdrawal Fee is based on the percentage of zBOOFI that has been unstaked in the past three days including the amount currently being unstaked. This fee is distributed back to zBOOFI holders as a reward for their continued investment within BooFi. Long-term zBOOFI holders see compounding growth of their investment through this mechanism. This fee ranges between 1% - 25%.

  • For example: If 20% of all zBOOFI was unstaked in a matter of hours, the fee would quickly rise to its maximum of 25%. If there are few withdrawals for a period of 3 days, the fee will remain low.

The Dynamic Withdrawal Fee manages to exert deflationary pressures on the BOOFI token as less value leaves the Ecosystem. Investors who hold on their zBOOFI see compounding growth of their investment through this mechanism.

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