What Makes a Ghost?

You, me, your friends, and your family. We're all Ghosts to the Traditional Financial system. Wall Street and the Government think that they can keep print their pockets full of money and dilute your savings to the ground. They also think it's fair to exclude you from access to credit, a half-decent interest rate, and even restrict how you spend your money!

Ghosts, we don't care. We decided to build our own financial system instead. One with transparent rules, and fair play. One to the benefit of everyone, not just those with the money printers.

BooFinance is building a new system. A system that doesn't care who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have. Here, the rules are in our favor.

The platform is built by Ghosts just like you. Please join us and help us build the future of finance on Avalanche. https://linktr.ee/boofinance

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