Frontend Updates

List of live version numbers, dates launched, and change notes. Version numbers may skip as multiple updates chains may be merged together for a combined version update.

V1.6.5 - Feb 4, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Removed "No impermanent Loss" heading from the Alert Countdown component

  • Added animated Golden Cauldron images

Cauldron Updates:

  • Updated zBOOFI Logo

  • Made PTP/AVAX a HOT Token.

V1.6.4 - Feb 3, 2022

Cauldron Updates:

  • Added USDC.e to Hot tokens, added a glow with color #2775C8

V1.6.3 - Feb 2, 2022

Cauldron Updates:

  • Increased Composite Interest refresh rates

  • Composite interest rate will now consider the last 3 trailing days

V1.6.2 - Feb 1, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Added button colors on Alert Countdown banner

  • Updated Cauldron Images on the Home page

V1.6.1 - Feb 1, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Updated banner Cauldron image

  • Corrected banner APR that was displaying incorrectly.

Cauldron Updates:

  • Increased single token glow size

  • Removed WAVAX from hot tokens (Leaving AVAX alone)

V1.6.0 - Feb 1, 2022

BOOFI Mania Kickoff

Overall Updates:

  • Dynamically update the Countdown banner on Boofi Mania events

Cauldron Updates:

  • Added Golden Cauldron image

  • Added Custom Token preview Glow colors

V1.5.4 - Jan 31, 2022

Cauldron Updates:

  • Removed ROCO/AVAX JLP

V1.5.3 - Jan 31, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Updated Alert Countdown Banner ending date to Feb 1, 19:00 UTC

V1.5.2 - Jan 30, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Updated App Footer from "The beginning of Defi 3.0" to "The beginning of DeFi 3.0"

  • Added Hyperlink to Medium article on the Alert Countdown banner

V1.5.1 - Jan 29, 2022

Overall Update:

  • Forced the Event Countdown to use the UTC time zone

V1.5.0 - Jan 29, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Added Event Countdown banner

  • Updated "Buy BOOFI from Trader Joe" link

Cauldron Updates:

  • Updated "Get Tokens" links for Trader Joe

  • Updated Cauldron Composition chart background image

  • Added CRA/AVAX JLP

  • Added CRA/AVAX PGL

  • Added EGG/AVAX JLP


  • Added ICE/AVAX JLP

  • Added PTP/AVAX JLP

V1.4.1 - Jan 23, 2022

Cauldron Update:

  • Increased Liquidity & Volume decimals of truncation. (This was causing some tokens like USDC.e/USDC to display their Liquidity or Volume as 0)

V1.4.0 - Jan 23, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Added Buy BOOFI links for Trader Joe, Pangolin, and Lydia on the BOOFI Price Ticker context menu

  • Updated home page title

Well of Souls Update:

  • User's Top Necromancers Rank row is highlighted and shown at the top, middle, or bottom of the page depending on relative position compared to where the user is currently looking. Row is always shown regardless of what page is being viewed.

V1.3.0 - Jan 17, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Added a BOOFI price ticker

  • Added a dropdown to the ticker that includes "Buy BOOFI", "Add BOOFI to wallet", and "Add zBOOFI to wallet"

  • Updated Volume field to capture a rolling 24 hour volume instead of cutoff at daily close.

V1.2.0 - Jan 17, 2022

Overall Updates:

  • Added "Update Profile" option to wallet button drop-down

Cauldron Updates:

  • Added One-Click Harvest All

  • Added a toggle for viewing "All" rewards or "This Token" rewards

  • Added dollar value display under "Your Balance" and "Your Stake"

Well of Souls Updates:

  • Added custom profile creation. Limited to name and stock images and colors.

  • Updated wallet addresses on Top Necromancers List to display profile name and image, if specified

  • Added Top Necromancers field for Date of First Deposit

  • Reorganized and Renamed information on Well of Souls Profile card to be clearer

  • Added field to display how much BOOFI a user has harvested

  • Fixed ranking issue where users with near equal harvests were displaying an incorrect rank number.

V1.1.0 - Jan 7, 2022

Cauldron Updates:



  • Added MIM/AVAX PGL

  • Added token names under the image of single tokens

  • Added new token sorting options. Hot, new, APR, and liquidity

  • Added "NEW" indicator on newly added tokens

  • Added new zBOOFI token icon

  • Updated "Your Tokens" tab to filter your staked tokens as well as those in your wallet

  • Added a deposit symbol to tokens you currently have deposited

  • Added a flame symbol and glow to APR boosted tokens

  • Improved token search functionality

  • Added tooltip describing Composite APR, Growth APR, and Emissions APR

V1.0 - Dec 29, 2021

This was the initial launch of the Haunted House Contract. No revisions.

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