Well of Souls

Stake your zBOOFI, gain more BOOFI rewards! Harvest the most to be the Top Necromancer!

The Competition

Ghosts are competitive by nature, which is why we've created the ultimate competition for all your zBOOFI needs. You'll be able to stake zBOOFI to start earning BOOFI rewards. While Vampire Farms rewards users with zBOOFI, the Well of Souls rewards stakers with BOOFI.

The Benefits

After your first harvest, ghosts will enter the list of Top Necromancers. Your harvest of BOOFI tokens will be matched against other ghosts in the rankings, and you'll compete for the top spot amongst other ghostly harvesters. Those who've harvested the most BOOFI will sit at the top of the rankings and will therefore enjoy unique benefits.

The Top Necromancers can receive many benefits such as limited NFTs, additional token rewards, and potentially tokens from partnered projects.

The rankings will be much like leaderboards in modern video games. You'll be able to customize your other-worldly Ghost by giving it a unique username, color, and look. Once we release our Deflationary NFT model, you'll also be able to use your NFT as an Avatar within the Well of Souls. The exception is that, unlike video games, millions of dollars are at stake.

The rankings will be determined by how much BOOFI you've been able to harvest. You must protect your place from those below and work towards climbing up the Leaderboard. Lose your spot at the top of the Leaderboard and you may lose some of your special benefits!

There will be many events carried out through the Well of Souls. Becoming a Top Necromancer will be a luxury you can't forfeit. Additionally, there will be giveaways that specifically target the Top Necromancers. The higher your score, the more extra rewards and benefits you will receive.

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