Boo Finance Team

Boo Finance Executive Team

Lord Casper - Co-Founder

Lord Casper is the Co-Founder of Boo Finance. He has a strong background in Fintech with over 5 years of smart contract development experience. He has launched numerous projects in the Fintech and crypto space. Telegram Contact: @casper_boofi

NearlyHeadlessNick - Lead Smart Contracts Architect (Co-Founder)

NearlyHeadlessNick is the Lead Smart Contracts Architect and tokenomics expert for Boo Finance. He is responsible for the design, construction, and implementation of the Boo Finance smart contracts. He has been building systems of smart contracts for the last 4 years where he's authored numerous smart contracts — including those of, flash loan-based arbitrage bots, and a decentralized system of interest rate swaps. NearlyHeadlessNick is also a technical advisor to several other DAOs, a successful whitehat hacker, and an experienced smart contract auditor. Telegram Contact: @NearlyHeadlessNick

Boo Finance Development

fhoenyx - Project Manager

Fhoenyx is the Project Manager for Boo Finance. He is responsible for the direction of development resources for the existing Boo Finance products as well as the design and development of the NFTs and GameFi products. He is also one of the main product verification and validation testers for new products and maintains documentation for the project. Fhoenyx has also been an active trader and investor in crypto for over 4 years. Telegram Contact: @fhoenyx

Jerome - UI/UX Designer

Jerome is the UI/UX Designer for Boo Finance. He is responsible for ensuring that the BooFinance dApp is as intuitive and engaging as possible. He has designed UX for award-winning video games for companies such as Rockstar Games, Activision, and Disney including Midnight Club, Red Dead Redemptions, and Transformers. He has over 20 years of experience designing interactive and visual experiences working as an art director and designer for various agencies and many major brands like Adobe, IBM, Orange Telecom, Cartier, Diesel, Adidas, and E-trade. He now innovates at the edge of sports and technology with AR, VR, Blockchain, and Wearables. When he is not designing or programming, you’ll find him racing mountain bikes and dirt bikes. He is a former downhill mountain bike national champion and he recently finished the Baja 1000, a grueling 1200 km off-road moto race thru the desert of Baja Mexico.

Paul - Full Stack Developer

Paul is a Full Stack Developer for Boo Finance. He is responsible for building and improving the Front End of the Boo Finance dApp, integrating the backend, and building out the UI for the BooFight game. He has extensive experience with Full Stack Development, Solidity, smart contract design, and Web3. His background is in high-level Mathematics, statistical modeling, and machine learning. In addition to Boo Finance, he currently develops and maintains a variety of websites, webservers, and databases for other Web3 companies.

Boo Finance Community

AP - Marketing Manager

AP is the Marketing Manager for Boo Finance. He is responsible for marketing the Boo Finance dApp as well as maintaining the Boo Finance Twitter account, forming partnerships, and organizing AMAs.

Gin - Community Manager

Gin is a Community Manager for Boo Finance. He is responsible for moderation of Discord and Telegram. He has experience with community management for multiple Web 3.0 projects as well as a background in game design and testing.

WizaOfOz- Community Manager

Wiz is a Community Manager for Boo Finance. He is responsible for moderation of Discord and Telegram. He has experience with project and personnel management.

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