Stake BOOFI, get zBOOFI

Unsustainable emission rates, mass inflation, and "farm and dump" practices run rampant within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Having lived this ourselves, we've created a very strategic emission schedule for BOOFI and also a tremendous new token!

zBOOFI is the spookiest token of them all. No Ghost would ever be complete without a mighty bag of them. Your zBOOFI tokens are always hard at work for you. Ghosts work very hard behind the scenes to generate BOOFI rewards for you.

Here are the mechanics for zBOOFI:

Staking: Ghosts are able to stake their BOOFI and receive zBOOFI. The value of zBOOFI in terms of BOOFI is always increasing.

Staking Rewards: Ghosts are able to stake their zBOOFI in the Well of Souls to earn BOOFI rewards! This means that your amount of BOOFI tokens keeps growing as BOOFI is being distributed through the Vampire Farms.

Rankings: Harvest the most BOOFI rewards in the Well of Souls to earn your place amongst the Top Necromancers! The more BOOFI you harvest, the higher your place in the leaderboard.

  • The Top Necromancers can receive many benefits such as limited NFTs, additional token rewards, and potentially tokens from partnered projects.

Dynamic Withdrawal Fee: When unstaking from zBOOFI => BOOFI, Ghosts must pay an ever-changing fee. This Dynamic Withdrawal Fee is based on the percentage of zBOOFI that has been unstaked in the past three days including the amount currently being unstaked. This fee is distributed back to zBOOFI holders as a reward for their strong hands.

Governance: When the BooCouncil is launched, those who hold zBOOFI will have access to Boo Finance Governance

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