Introducing BLOOD

BLOOD is a new token that Boo Finance is introducing as the Vampiric Essence of our Vampire Attack. By performing various vampiric actions, users can accrue BLOOD to be redeemed later. BLOOD is not designed to have an inherent dollar value but can be exchanged, bought, or sold P2P.

What's my Vampire Score

The Vampire Score is a percentile metric scoring our users on their vampiric prowess. Higher vampire scores mean the user is among the most vampiric of all Boo Finance users. Look out for that 100, they might just bite you!

The Vial contract tracks how much JOE you have dumped for BOOFI that remains staked. This total is compared to all other users and you are scored on a percentile basis (1-100). If you unstake your BOOFI, your Vampire Score will go down.

How do I draw BLOOD?

1. Dump JOE

By using our Dump JOE embedded widget, users can dump JOE directly for BOOFI. That BOOFI is staked in the Vial contract. Users earn 1 BLOOD per BOOFI staked per day.

2. Staking BOOFI

Many of our Ghosts do not own any JOE. This method bypasses the hassle of buying JOE just to dump it and lets users stake BOOFI in the Blood Vial contract to earn BLOOD. Users earn 1 BLOOD per BOOFI staked per day. DRAW BLOOD here.

3. Vampire Farms

By simply using our Vampire Farms, you are harvesting JOE rewards and the Vampire Farms are automatically dumping your JOE for BOOFI. Unlike the Dump JOE method, this BOOFI is not automatically staked. Users receive BLOOD as an additional farm reward on top of your zBOOFI rewards. DRAW BLOOD here.

4. zBOOFI Farm

Instead of staking zBOOFI in the Well of Souls, users can farm BLOOD with zBOOFI. Users earn 0.005 BLOOD per zBOOFI staked per day. DRAW BLOOD here.

What do I do with BLOOD

BLOOD will be redeemable at the end of the Vampire Attack for direct NFT mints of our upcoming BooFight game. We may have some additional prizes for our most vampiric of users. Read more about our unique NFTs and minting here, here, and here.

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