Becoming a Vampire/Ghost

Draw BLOOD, and claim your stake within the ranks.

Who are we?

BooFinance is a collective of ghosts, vampires, and other like-minded individuals. Everyone can join and is encouraged to. We're building a grass-roots movement that defies the DeFi establishment. By leveraging tailor-made smart contracts, we're able to extract value and power from other projects for the benefit of BOOFI holders, ghosts, and vampires alike.

How to Participate

BooFinance is building a decentralized ecosystem where the power will ultimately lie in the hands of zBOOFI investors. There are many ways you can get involved - we'll list some common ones ahead:

Join our Discord/Telegram

The best way to get involved is by providing ideas and feedback. BooFi is run by ghosts just like you; and thus, we require your sharp mind. Join Discord and Telegram.

Vampire Farming

By simply depositing or migrating your Trader Joe liquidity, you will start enjoying superior APRs. You'll also earn BLOOD rewards which will raise your Vampire Rank and benefits. You can learn more about Vampire Farming here.

Dump JOE for BOOFI, earn BLOOD

By interacting with the Blood Vial contract, you'll be able to swap your JOE for BOOFI and automatically stake it to start earning BLOOD. BLOOD is also earned by way of vampire farming.

Provide BOOFI/AVAX liquidity

By providing liquidity, you'll earn juicy rewards and will be contributing towards the trading depth of the BOOFI token. Liquidity providers enjoy more rewards when there is liquidity in the pool. Therefore, the earlier you provide liquidity, the more rewards you'll accumulate.

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