By Lord Casper (Developer) - June 6th, 2022

Our goal is to achieve a 51% or more conversion rate of JOE to BOOFI. Any percentage of JOE swapped for BOOFI dramatically impacts our price. It's a very one-sided trade that favours BOOFI over JOE in terms of potential.

Table: Prices depending on % of JOE sold for BOOFI

The above table is a simulation of prices based on the percentage of JOE extracted by the Vampire Attack on Trader Joe.

Fortune Favors The Bold

As you can tell from the above table, we're putting Trader Joe in a very uncomfortable position. Their liquidity and token market cap are massively parallel to ours. Yet, this will rapidly shift during the Vampire Attack.

We've set up this attack to be reminiscent of Gamestop's famous short-squeeze. By absorbing Trader Joe's liquidity and token simultaneously, there's little that can be done to prevent it. As per the attack, even with a meager success rate of 5% (5/100 of JOE liquidity exchanged for BOOFI) we would see a $0.69 BOOFI. That's a 2700% increase in price.

Defensive/Hedging Strategy

Even if you don't believe the attack will be successful, don't forget to consider hedging your bets. By converting 1% of your JOE to BOOFI at current prices ($0.026/BOOFI and ($0.30/JOE), your BOOFI would quickly outweigh your 99% holdings of JOE if the Vampire Attack has a 51% success rate on JOE.

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