A Boo having a grand time by the sea. Living the life.
Boo! BooFinance is bringing innovative DeFi tools to users on the Avalanche network.

Our main products are Vampire Farms, Stake, Well of Souls, Deflationary NFTs, BooFight, and the Boo Council (DAO)

Avalanche over everything else

We've chosen Avalanche since it offers the fastest speed & cheapest gas costs out of any TRULY decentralized blockchain in the market. Learn more about Avalanche here.

Vampire Farming

Enhance your yields with vampire incentives and other special benefits. Suck extra value from Trader Joe.


Stake your BOOFI to get zBOOFI, your ticket to the best features of Boo Finance!

Well of Souls

Stake your zBOOFI to earn BOOFI rewards. Those who harvest the most rewards climb their way to the top and become a Top Necromancer! Top Necromancers get even more unique rewards!

Deflationary NFTs 🎨

NFTs with a limited number of uses in a gaming dApp. The more you fight and die with them, the faster they vanish. Fight other players with ghosts and earn BOOFI prizes!

Boo Council

The Boo Council is the governance for Boo Finance. It will be given responsibility for the long-term decisions and management of Boo Finance.